AWE-SO-ME! Illustration

This design is very simple and I thought it was brilliant to create a play on the word – AWESOME. It’s sort of like “Awe soooooo ME.” I noticed some other designs that were similar and that broke the word into three separate words, but it didn’t specifically indicate that the word was referring to yourself/myself so I thought this design made it more clear when I added a person pointing to himself/herself. This shirt comes in a black and white version that can be purchased on my online store. As always, if you see something that you want designed on a product, but it’s not offered in the store, please let me know!

Octopus Tells No Tales! Illustration

Octopus Pirate 2012

It was diffcuilt to find time to work on this simple task. Finally I had a chance to work on it and got it done. I experimented with different artistic styles and wanted to try and keep it simple (as you see it now) and will probably add more detail later. Meanwhile, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that I might want to create some kind of series for this design, such as Monkey Pirates, Parrot Pirates, etc. and create the characters around a story. I will see if people love and want to see more similar designs, then I will go from there. Octopus Pirate is already up and can be purchased online and the best part is it also sells as a skatedeck at, so I personally would love to get one for myself real soon!

Octopus Pirate 2012: Skateboards

FDC Norsemen Design for Softball Team

Client, Ron, who I know from way back in my college days (when I was adjunct faculty). Ron was involved with the Faribault Deaf Club softball team. Funny, he’s a graphic designer and I was guessing he must have his hands full with work. Turned out I was partly right. The reason he decided to not do the project himself was because he felt he would have a hard time to make decisions and that he would keep changing the design and delay the project and several other reasons, too. The process was not easy in the beginning with because the client knew exactly what he was looking for and I learned that I really need to make changes in my process so that I will do a lot better with future clients. It was a very good experience.


The goal was to create a black, gray, and white color design in the shape of a cool viking that they can use it for their softball hat and t-shirt jersey. I’m looking forward to see the result on the products for their team. I just love illustration work, using this style and technique, very much and I am really really looking forward to illustrating more similar designs in future!


MPro-Vision Logo Design

MPro Vision is a company is that provides video service, such as a videographer for weddings and events. The owner is my wife’s co-worker’s husband. They really liked the idea of using a lens in their logo design, but wanted to be sure it was distinguished and a “video camera lens” because most people can’t tell the difference between a camera and video camera lens. After several rough ideas, they decided they really liked the “M” on the lens to better brand their company name. I really enjoyed creating several mock up designs for this company and perhaps we will have a chance to use the designs they didn’t choose in the future.

MPro-Vision Logo

Sketch: Octopus the Pirate

I had this idea some time last year and I thought it might be a pretty good concept to create this design into an illustration. I’m not quite sure exactly what the target audience will be. I guess I’ll let my creativity unfold and it will be revealed. I bet it will be more appealing to young kids and teenagers.

sketch: octopus pirate

I will post a few sketches of my progress as I work on this design and hopefully have a final reveal via facebook.

Scale Crusher 2012 Brand Identify

Scale Crusher 2012

Scale Crusher 2011 was a success, but we wanted to change up the logo for a new and better design for Scale Crusher 2012. I came up with several ideas quickly and I really enjoy working through the conception and design process. Here’s a few mock up designs we considered before narrowing it down to the final design. Funny story…the SportsMX CEO preferred to not use the weightlifting design that was used previously because if you wear on a t-shirt, it kind of put the weights on each end of the bar in a peculiar section of an individual’s chest. The best part about the final design is that the CEO loves it and really liked the meter arrow that it points to where your heart is if you wear the design on a T-shirt.

Scale Crusher 2012

Scale Crusher 2012