Mikey's ProfileMichael “Mikey” Greenland, who originally founded CreativeBurn. There are many skills Mikey has learned and can put to good use, such as: Design, Photography, and Web. Yes, Mikey’s Deaf, but that doesn’t mean he lacks creative vision. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Mikey has worked for different companies and the inability to hear has not stopped him from contributing his skills in graphic/web/flash design/development. All the companies he has worked with are comfortable with him and they just view him as the tattoo guy with a halo on his head. During his spare time, Mikey works on customizing his motorcycle and doing some photography. These are things he loves to do and he’s looking forward to learning how to become more skilled with custom painting and pinstriping. He’s a pretty good explorer and he loves adventures that allow him to see all the creativity around us. So, now Mikey’s offering services to people who can benefit from his experience in design, photography, and web.

Mikey founded CreativeBurn Studios in 1999 and since then Mikey has changed the look and feel of the company from time-to-time. With his creative mind, he just couldn’t make up his mind about the direction of the company while he worked full-time. From HTML to heavy Flash to Photography to Blog and more. So, when he moved to GA he thought it was time to finally revamp and get serious with CreativeBurn. So as you see Mikey’s doing stuff with design, photography, and web projects. He thinks you might see designing as something that he does more often to transfer ideas from his head so he can watch it evolve to a final product. For now, Mikey predicts a lot of growth for CreativeBurn, which is just one of his dreams.

Mikey is currently working a full time job so he can’t offer his time and services too new clients at this time. If you see any photography or artwork that you’d like to purchase, please visit CreativeBurn’s online store.